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An Open Letter to The People of Durham County

As a native North Carolinian, I fully appreciate our state’s beauty and commitment to preserving our precious natural resources. For the past 10 years, my wife Drewry, sons Jack (10), Will (8), Christopher (5), Henry (2), and I have been proud and fortunate to call Durham home.

As a member of this community, I share in your desire to want only the best for Durham. I want to make sure that any decisions that affect our economy, our environment, and our standard of living are made responsibly and with great care. The great care we take is what makes 751 South an ideal addition to Durham. It’s a project that will bring commerce, community, and nature together.

Tyler Morris and I are partners in Southern Durham Development—the principal project developer of 751 South. Together, we have formed a team that represents some of the nation’s most qualified, respected, and well-known experts in all fields of eco-friendly planning and development, including environmental conservation, stormwater management, traffic control, and economic forecasting. These individuals have been nationally and internationally recognized for their contributions to both successful and environmentally responsible design. Simply put, Tyler and I handpicked each team member to ensure that we were getting the absolute best people in order to bring our vision of 751 South to the people of Durham County. We feel you deserve no less.

Jordan Lake is right in my own backyard and serves as the basic background for my family’s daily life. Because it is such an integral part of our lives, I want to make sure that Jordan Lake remains robust for future generations. 751 South will maintain the health and beauty of Jordan Lake, enrich the economy, improve the current traffic conditions, provide much-needed civic institutions, and will serve as the new benchmark for future development.

I appreciate your time and look forward to sharing 751 South with you and with the people of Durham.

Alex Mitchell
President, Southern Durham Development